Aviation Industry

Phonon offers Simplified and Comprehensive Telephony services that are tailor-made, user-friendly and on-the-fly for the Airlines and entire Aviation sector.

Our SaaS based application services have been designed in the direction of providing the information at your fingertips. Phonon’s solutions can easily be integrated with your existing online infrastructure and manage it from an intuitive admin console. The entire suite of products and service offerings has enterprise-grade security features that help you to keep your organization protected.

Unique in its class, Phonon’s Contact Management suite sets a new standard for enterprises in the Aviation industry to leverage the power of the services from network to the desktop — and across the enterprise — with minimal custom development and systems integration, enabling an organization to implement the services quickly and cost effectively.

Aviation Sector Solutions Portfolio ranges from passenger inquiring for fare to passenger who has completed the journey.

Customer Life-Cycle Management Across Aviation Industry

Unified Communication for Airlines

Few Working Illustrations:


Check Flight Status through IVR and SMS in Real-time.


Share Feedback and Experience through Feedback IVR, post the journey.

Use Cases

Streamline Business Processes

1. Travel Agency Validation IVR

travelagencyPhonon offers innovative solution that helps to validate travel agency and agents in real-time through IVR.

  • Safeguard agency and booking agent privacy
  • Multi-point authentication with Agency code, CLI and password
  • Accurate DTMF detection
  • Option for agents to change password without talking to call center agent
2. Travel Agency Balance Threshold Alerts

Phonon solution helps airlines to ensure that their authorized travel agencies are fit for the business and continuous contribute to grow business.

  • Proactive alerts to agency on reaching low-balance threshold
  • Flexibility to set threshold levels
  • Multi-channel alert – Email and SMS
  • Effective control over reducing outstanding accounts
  • Reduce call center load

Enhance Customer Engagement

  1. Outbound Dialer for Flight-Reschedule

Phonon’s Automated Outbound Dialer helps airlines to keep their passengers updated about any change in flight schedule.

  • Instant information to passenger for change in schedule or status.
  • Option to send flight reschedule SMS.
  • Additional ability to cross-sell services such as class upgrade or alternate flight in case of flight cancellation or reschedule.
2. Pre-Flight SMS Alerts

Make on-board passengers aware about any delay in flight departure due to any technical, operational or external problems.

  • Automated system integrated with flight dispatch control system.

Generate More Revenue from Same Customer

1.Up-sell & Cross-Sell SMS

Phonon enables airlines to increase their per passenger revenue through up-sell and cross-sell SMS. Airlines offer multiple services through SMSs:

  • Class upgrade
  • Alternate flight in case of flight reschedule or cancellation
  • Promote loyalty programs
  • Integrate with coupon codes
2. Increase Lead Generation

Increase Lead Generation

Airlines can use ‘Fare Search over SMS’ service as a lead generation tool. The easy integration with automated outbound dialer allows to plan follow-up calls to collected leads and cross-sell other services through SMS and call.