Phonon’s unique and integrated customer-connect solutions helps the players in the online advertising and web space to serve their consumers in the most efficient and best possible manner reducing cost, increasing revenues, and improving performance.

Together, our full-portfolio of industry-leading products and service offerings address the needs of you being connected with your end consumers by providing them the information they require at their fingertips. Our SaaS based product suite helps to you target potential consumers at anypoint/anywhere, whether they’re looking for an inquiry for travel, booking tickets, payments, hotel reservation, etc.

Online Advertising and Web Directories

Few Working Illustrations:

Virtual Numbers Credit Card Payment IVR

Credit Card Working
Google AdWords Using Smart Phone Working

Use Cases

Travel Agency Validation IVR:

travelagencyPhonon offers innovative solution that helps to validate travel agency and agents in real-time through IVR.

  • Safeguard agency and booking agent privacy
  • Multi-point authentication with Agency code, CLI and password
  • Accurate DTMF detection
  • Option for agents to change password without talking to call center agent

Travel Agency Balance Threshold Alerts
Travel Agency Balance Threshold2Phonon solution helps airlines to ensure that their authorized travel agencies are fit for the business and continuous contribute to grow business.

  • Proactive alerts to agency on reaching low-balance threshold
  • Flexibility to set threshold levels
  • Multi-channel alert – Email and SMS
  • Effective control over reducing outstanding accounts
  • Reduce call center load