Dealer Connect Service

Phonon’s Dealer Connect services connect your prospects with the closest dealer through an automated voice call within seconds of the prospect’s interest. The prospect just needs to send their PIN-code over SMS or give a missed call.  Dealer Connect comes with value features such as:

  1. Integration with Google Maps so that an instant post-call is sent to the customer with the Dealers address and Location.
  2. Post-call feedback collection system to get experience of your Dealer’s interaction with the customer.
  3. A real-time reporting dashboard that gives you the ability to track the performance of the service, your campaigns and individual dealers.
  4. Call recording on a 100% or on the basis of individual calls.
  5. Integration with your website using Click-to-Call™.

DealerConnect can be easily connected to your marketing campaigns! It gives real-time high-quality leads to your Dealers leading to greater business and dealer satisfaction.