Click to Video® is an Enterprise Ready Platform Independent Application Service that allows the users to connect via a user-friendly and seamless video conference with the service provider.

SaaS based Click to Video® application has been designed to connect the end-user with the product/service expert in real-time and it one step further in the direction of providing the information at your fingertips.

Phonon’s Click to Video® service also has enterprise-grade security features that helps keep your organization protected.

Major Attributes:

  • Cloud-based (hosted) services.
  • Real-time Video, Audio and Chat Support.
  • Screen Sharing, Voice and Video Recording.
  • Pay per use.
  • Peer-to-peer band width optimized (works on smart-phones too.
  • Requires only a modern internet browser (no huge downloads.
  • Works on SSL too.
  • Robust Reliable and Stable.

Working Illustration:Click-to-Video®

click to video-01

Multiple Use Cases:

click to video-02

SALIENT Features:

Enhanced User Experience: Phonon’s Click to Video® connect service ensures premium quality video conferencing leveraging constant bandwidth availability to enhance and optimize the end users’ service experience.

Anytime/Anywhere Connect: Click to Video® also enables the smartphones and tablets to connect to the same video meetings as conference room systems helping you to collaborate anytime/anywhere while you’re on the go. Customers and product/service representatives can communicate anytime/anywhere using these video connect services.

Platform-Independent: Click to Video® service is platform independent and can be used on desktops/laptops, smartphones and handheld devices with modern internet browsers. The biggest advantage of this instant video-connect service is that no external plug-ins are required.

Real Time Video Streaming: Allows the customers to stream product-videoteasers for theirend-consumers prior connecting with the agent.

Screen Sharing/Video Recording/Chat Scripts: The video service allows the customers to share their screen with the connected product/service representative, which in turn allows the representatives to guide the customers for form-fills, make online payments or help the customer to navigate around the website. The online video sessions can also be recorded for future reference and training sessions.