CCNow® – Automatic Call Distribution System (Call Center Solution)

Know why Phonon’s Automatic Call Distribution System CCNow® can help reduce the Call-center cost and leverage the power of Open Source Technology. Our proven SaaS based solutions provide the scale and speed which the clients need in this extremely hyper competitive and informed market place.

Phonon’s Asterisk-based Automatic Call Distribution System-CCNow® offers a powerful, multi-lingual and multi-company call center solution. Based on the renowned ViciDial architecture, CCNow® is packaged with even more power, flexibility and features. Phonon’s CCNow® is pre-configured for the rapid-setup of domestic and international call centers and has ready integration with ISDN PRIs / SIP end points provided by telecom operators. Moreover it is levied with more detailed reports, out-of-box high-availability configuration and easy to use call recording retrieval facilities.

Major CCNow® Attributes

• Open-Source and N+1 redundancy architecture.
• Customized reports for multi-Shift, multi-tenant operations.
• Easy to Customizable and User Friendly.
• Added 100% Call Recording capability.
• Proven across 10 to 300 seater call centers
• Ready integration with 3rd party tools including SalesForce, MS Dynamics, vTiger and FreshDesk.

Working Illustration: CCNow®


SALIENT Features:

  • Soft Login Interface:  Every agent has a soft login interface, which shows the status of the queue and allows the agent to inform the server about his state (available, on wrap-up, on break, etc.)
  • Skill Based Call Routing:  It allows for skill-based routing of the calls with agent skill-level definition and priority.
  • Supports VOIP:  It supports direct voice over IP for agents as well as external calls, and also serves as a Gateway to pass calls from traditional PSTN to VOIP.
  • Auto Updates to CRMs:  Our ACD also provides automatic updates to the CRM upon call disposition from the agents. It has built-in libraries that allow it to interact with the CRM and ERP Framework applications. Using our easy to use JSON and SOAP APIs, we are well integrated with various
  • Multiple Campaign Management:  It is scale-able and robust to handle and serve multiple campaigns simultaneously and erroneously.
  • Caller Identification, Call Monitoring and Real Time Reporting/Statistics:  Our ACD has extensive possibilities for caller identification, flexible overflow pools, music on hold, call monitoring (barge-in, listen) and is also enabled with real time reporting and robust in depth statistics.
  • Call Recording and Retrieval Features:  Has built-in intelligence for 100% call-recording and retrieval features.