22North® – Aviation Automation

22North® Aviation Automation

22North® is our suite of passenger interaction engagement services for the travel and aviation sector. We automate inbound & outbound customer contacts for passengers. At each stage we predict the need of the customer providing a first contact resolution on each interaction.

22North Aviation Automation


Be it pre-travel fare searches, Drop-offs on Reservation pages, flight schedule changes, last moment disruptions, emergencies, customer queries check-ins, up-sells & retention. Our solutions provide industry best practices at each stage to keep your customer smiling and you focused on your core business of transportation.

  • There is 50% drop in loyalty between those that are very satisfied to those that are somewhat satisfied.
  • Loyal customers will pay up to 21% more before switching to an alternate airline.
  • 80% passenger dissatisfaction are due to lack of communication.
  • Social Media will be the biggest travel influencer of the future.

Did you know that just by greeting your customer by their name, you could increase your sales by 11%?

22North Aviation Automation