We’re Hiring!!! Senior Manager – Human Resource

Sr. Manager – Human Resource

Also Known As SuperWoman or SuperMan!



Are you interested in building a motivated team? Will building a Great Place to Work motivate you? Can you get into the greatest amount of details and yet build world class HR & Admin processes? Do you find joy in relating to, communicating effectively and building a team high on morale and work ethic? Do you live by the saying, “the more dynamic the work environment, the better I perform?” In case these are some of the items that describe you, you are the SuperWoman/SuperMan…we mean the Human Resource Manager we are looking for.


Job Description

You’ll be the senior Human Resource Manager in the company and look after all things Employees and Administration. Here’s what you’ll be doing as a Human Resource Manager at Phonon.

  1. You’ll work with the Director to set a competitive Human Resource strategy and set goals and priorities to accomplish it.
  2. You’ll be taking care of the Human Resource policy, compensation and benefits policy, recruitment policy to ensure internal equity and fairness.
  3. You will ensure great and genuine employee engagement, with an engagement plan to build Phonon as a Great Place to Work!
  4. You will run and manage companywide initiatives in Training & Development, Career Planning, Leadership Development and Employee Productivity.
  5. You will drive change management and change projects within the organization.

Apart from the above here’s what you’ll be regularly managing & mentoring recruitment, on-boarding, induction, employee feedback, coordinate career growth panning, retention, organization structure planning, off-sites, payroll, leaves and off-boarding.

Apart from taking care of the Human Resource department, you’ll also manage administrative activities including office upkeep and maintenance of infrastructure, vendor / consultant POs and payments, contracts and documentation.

As a Human Resource Manager at Phonon you will be a Business Partner, a Change Agent, an Administrative Expert and an Employee Advocate.

Candidate Profile

  1. You’ll need to have a Masters degree related to Human Resources like an MBA in (HR) or an MHRM degree etc.
  2. You’ll need to be adept at making Word documents, MS Excel simulations, process notes and presentations to staff.
  3. An excellent aptitude and great written and verbal communication skills.
  4. 5-8 years of work-experience post academics is what we prefer. Experience in IT and Software will be an added plus.
  5. Knowledge and Experience in Saral Software for Employee Details & Payroll processing will be an added advantage.


Location of Job

Baroda (Vadodara)


Company Profile

Phonon is a leading provider of enterprise grade customer interaction automation and Unified Communication solutions. Phonon.in provides customers with consultative and hosted solutions to make their customer interaction processes more efficient and effective. Phonon.in run enterprise focused bots for leading banks, insurers, financial services companies, airlines, travel companies, online portals and distribution-based companies.

Phonon enables enterprises achieve superior customer experience through Inbound and Outbound Communication solutions, covering voice, SMS, email and chat through a single system. These automated systems get Phonon.in’s clients achieve maximum connectivity with end users and provide predictive responses to customer queries. Phonon.in handles over 1M automated customer interactions on its systems every day!

You may please visit www.phonon.in for more details.