Credit Card Payment IVR

Worried about credit card fraud at your call centre? Considering a more convenient credit card payment option for your customers than their visiting your outlet? Phonon’s Automated Payment Collection IVR allows you to collect credit card payments from your customers without your agents coming to know the credit-card details.

Even in the most secure and process driven customer service operations, it just takes a few seconds, by just one bad employee to misuse the credit card details of your customer. The fall-out of this is not only in terms of the financial and legal risks and liabilities, but more importantly on the adverse impact such an event has on your carefully built brand.

Our Automated Payment Collection IVR gives your customers much-needed security to comfortably transact with you on the phone. Some salient features of Phonon’s  Credit Card Payment Collection IVR include:

  • Ready integration with payment gateways such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Payseal, BillJunction, BillDesk etc.
  • Easily integrate with your CRM / Order Management System through secure and quickly configurable APIs.
  • Works in Outbound (as a Dialer) or Inbound (for customers / agents to call in) mode.